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We find this work to be the greatest privilege—and also a very great debt. For the tools and inspiration of Ayurveda, the honey sitting sweet in our hearts—these are not our own but gifts of the Rṣis—gifts that must be repaid by service to the suffering and seeing that we take nothing with us but leave all we have learned and received to the next generation, in ever continuous service.

Through the Arogya Kulam, we neither promulgate ourselves as teachers nor profess to be able to offer comprehensive instruction. We are clinicians and practitioners, immersed in practice, taking each step as we can. Fervent in practice, grateful for the means that have been placed in our hands, we welcome the sincere and self-motivated to abide at our side, to glean what they can, and if their hands be open, to receive all that we hold in ours, to collect what limited honey is here, to take the next step with us, and when our feet should fail—to continue ever onwards.

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$1,125 / May 27 – June 14

This course will provide students with foundation and orientation in Dravyaguna Vienna, its fundamental concepts and a wide rage of individual substances and compounds. The majority of this class will examine more than 24 individual therapeutic actions, or Karmas, their mechanism of action and the herbs and substances which manifest these karmas clinically.

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$415 / July 5-7

A weekend of workshops with Vladimir Yatsenkp, PHD. An exploration of Self, Body, Conciousness and Evolution through the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita.

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