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Practicing classical Ayurveda with sincerity and authenticity.

With honey in our hearts, the words of the Ṛṣis upon our tongues, a reverence for the elements and the life in all things resplendent in our actions, and a prayer—that we might do something good in this world before our end, something that at least loosens up some of all this suffering—tucked safely into the pouch of prayers that guides our lives, we practice. We study. We burn the midnight oil. And we ever strive to practice with greater and greater integrity. With greater and greater efficacy. To bring in real results. To serve.

Our Values

Wholeness & Sustainability

We are only by virtue of what came before; what is to come will reveal the value of what we do now. By this principle we honor what has enabled and empowered us. We realize that everything affects everything and that there is no insignificant action. We strive to make our actions prayers for the future, and for one another.

Aspiring Attention

Attention radiates from intention—and no one can be without either. When we make our attention conscious, we realize every action and perception is a testament of our own character and aspiration. Being established in aspiration and awareness, confidence arises. And so with aspiring, confident attention we dress ourselves, we breathe, we work and we act all as a prayer to our deepest intention and aspiration.

Goodwill & Cooperation

Everything feeds everything. Life and every endeavor is a symphony, and there are no solos. Thus we make a commitment to harmony, honoring the unique story and individuality of all, choosing to see the potential for good and growth in every person and situation; to integrate each note, however seemingly disparate, into a collective symphony.

Truth. Sincerity. Authenticity.

Sincerity is Truth and Truth is Sincerity. Both are ever unique, ever themselves. By conforming to extrinsic processes and numbing ourselves to the inherent pulse of our being, our true nature is sacrificed, giving rise to all violence and discord. Reality and the clear facts are sacrificed, giving birth to illusion and to suffering. Sincerity is agreeing to disagree, persevering through discomfort for the sake of authenticity—the conviction that there is nothing more beautiful or sacred than what is real and true.

Senior Practitioner

Kashyapa Fisher


Director, Ayurvedic Physician

Nomi Gallo


Ayurvedic Practitioner


“Kashyapa brings ancient techniques into the current times, and has tailored a solution for me which has helped me dramatically, and has been appropriate for my particular circumstances and lifestyle. I’m feeling much gratitude, and heavily recommend him to anyone.”

– Carl Wantrup, Melbourne, Australia

“Kashyapa takes you on a journey where it is likely that your understanding of Ayurveda will be challenged: not only does he never depart from the paradigm Ayurveda has been based upon using mostly Sanskrit terminology but constantly integrates and teaches the art of Ayurvedic reasoning (yukti).”

– Alexandra Stadelmann, France

“I’m 69 years old and for the last 30 years have been eating organic and meditating. I’ve had two severe head injuries. Since I’ve been treated by Arogya every aspect of my health has greatly improved- memory, mood, sleep, urination, energy, libido, mental clarity.”

– Stuart Shulman, Boulder, Colorado